Places to visit in Kinnaur

Kinnaur, the tribal district of Himachal Pradesh, has houses built of local architecture and the scenic beauty provided to it by snow ranges and flowing Sutlej and its tributaries makes it one of the districts high on the list of visitor of the State. Close to border with Tibet, foreigners have to register their entry into the district that is done immediately. Apple, apricot, walnut orchards around picturesque hamlets are eye catchers. Chilgoza or Neoza, kernal of Pine, is the dry fruit linked with Kinnaur. To be eaten raw or baked, it is a rewarding time pass. Both Hinduism and Buddhism are practiced here and every village has its own village deity. The national highway completed in 1960’s is the life –line of Kinnaur because it joins it with Shimla.

Recong  Peo: It is the headquarters of the District and 260km from Shimla. It faces the mountains of Jorkanden and Kinner Kailash. The parikarma of Kinner Kailash were Lord Shiva is believed to be residing takes about seven days. A seventy nine food high rock formation in Kinner Kailash is revered as Shivlinga and when covered with snow, it appears to change colors and the day passes from morning to evening.

Nichar: About 50km away from Rampur, a beautiful and serene resting place amidst thick forest recognized for wild life. There is a temple here known for its carvings.

Baspa Valley or Sangla Valley: It is 98km from Rampur. It is Kinnaur’s most beautiful side valley. The valley is about 95km long starting from Karcham to Chung Sakhago Pass. Chitkul, in the middle of the valley, is the last inhabited village here. The village of Kamru is a kilometer above Sangla. It has a tower like fort and a temple housing the idol of Kamakhya Devi brought here centuries ago from Assam.

Kalpa: It is 13km from Recong Peo. It has a gompa called Hu-bu-lan-kar said to be founded by Rinchen Sang –po (950-1055AD) and a Narayan Nagi temple, and example of local craftsmanship.

Ribba: It is 23km from Recong Peo. It is a picturesque village.

Moorang: It is 33km from Recong Peo. Another beautiful village with apricot orchards all around.

Kothi: It is 3km from Recong Peo. Here is a temple of Chandika Devi done in local architecture.

Kanam: It is 47km from Recong Peo. Its Buddhist monastery is of significance.

Pooh: The cold desert of Kinnaur District. This is sub divisional headquarters having government officers. A small Buddhist monastery is another attraction.

Khab: Here joins river Spiti with river Sutlej. A little diversion from her takes one to Tashigang Gompa.

Nako: It is 107km from Recong Peo. It is the largest village in Hangrang valley. It is a fascinating village for it has a lake in the middle and there is also a rock regarded to have the imprints of saint Padmasambhav. It is the base for trek to Parigal peak.

Chango: It is 123 km from Recong Peo. It is the last village of Kinnaur and is surrounded by hill. Apples of the place are real juicy.

Hargrang Valley: Its entry point are Nako and Chango. Trekkers would love to trek in this desolate rugged valley.

Source: Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh